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Founded in 1994, TAG Talent
(formally known as Ciao! in Texas)
has California, New Mexico,
Texas, and Louisiana divisions.

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Karel Sloane-Boekbinder  
Ht: 5' 5"   Wt: 140   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Hazel

Miracle at St. Anna   Herb`s Wife   Spike Lee, Director
Touchstone Pictures   Supporting   Spike Lee, Robert Cicutto and Luigi Musini, Producer
Martyr   Mrs. Sutherland   Sister Productions, Producer
Independent   Star  
Take Me Away   Margaret   Nick Ramey & Lauren Armantrout , Director
  Lead   48 Hour Film Festival, Producer
Does God Hear Robots Pray?   Praying Mother   Stephen Pfeil, Director
  Supporting   Worklight Pictures, Producer

Escape Network: Murderous Affairs   Detective   Thomai Hatsios, Director
  Featured   Bellum Entertainment , Producer
WYES-TV: Seelos: Doctor of Souls   Jason`s Grandmother   Casey Groves, Director
  Featured   Inner Compass, Producer
Citizens Television: Movie Man and Other Shows   Multiple Roles   Joseph L.Schofield, Bob Paglia, Director
  Series Regular   Comcast Cable, Producer

NOPD Night Out Against Crime Promo   Principal   New Orleans Police Department

Centerplate (caterer, NOLA Convention Center)   Featured   Morgan Molthrop
In-House     New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau

Hell Cat Killers, the Deadly Dames of Cell Block D   1920`s Heiress; Mermaid   Killer Theater
Regional   Supporting   Josh Johnston; Katrina Art, Director
The Real Housewives of Trailer Park Row   Barbara Jo   Mag’s at Elysian Fields and N Rampart
Regional   Lead   Joe Nierle, Director
Measure for Measure   Provost   Anthony Bean Community Theater
Regional   Supporting   Frederick Mead, Director
Murder Mystery Company New Orleans   Multiple Characters   Murder Mystery Company New Orleans
Regional   Supporting   Cammie West and Josh Johnston, Director
Baghdad Puppies   Lieutenant Susan Marshall   Open Space Theatre, Greensboro, NC
Regional   Supporting   Joe Nierle, Director
Freedom Summer, by Spencer Howard   Mrs. Game, Waitress, Viola Liuzzo, Chorus   Dillard University
Regional   Supporting   Ed Bishop, Director
``...a member of the white race...`` by Warren Burdine, Jr.   Helena Caron   New Orleans Fringe Fest
Regional   Supporting   Ed Bishop, Director
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Jeffrey Hatcher   Hyde #4, Poole, surgical student, Police Doctor, young girl   JPAS Teatro Wego! and North Star Theatre in Mandeville
Regional   Lead   John Brooks, Director
Four Little Girls: Birmingham 1963, By Christina M. Ham   Chorus #4, Ensemble   Ashé Cultural Arts Center & Dillard University
Regional     Ed Bishop, American Theatre Project, Director
Health Nutz   Ms. K/Vegan, the Organical Mechanical Robot   Ashé Cultural Arts Center/New Orleans Kids Partnership
Regional   Lead   John Grimsley, Director
Les Gitans   Prudence   Jefferson Performing Arts Center/Michalopoulos, Elysian Flds
Regional   Supporting   Reese Johanson , Director
Seelos: Doctor of Souls   Grandmother, Voice Over   St. Mary`s Assumption Church
Regional     Casey Groves, Director
Wheels and Butterflies   Yolonda Jackson Brewer Melvin Johnson McKinnley   Ashe` Cultural Arts Center
Regional   Lead   Lenwood Sloan, Director
Macbeth Alive!   Witch 2   Cafe Istanbul (inside the Healing Arts Center)
Regional   Lead   Anthony Hampton, Director
StoryCircle   Casey   L.B. Landry
Regional   Lead   John Grimsley, Director
Hogan`s Goat   Ann Mulcahy   The Irish House, New Orleans
Regional   Supporting   Casey Groves, Director
Spring Awakening (the play)   Headmistress Hart Payne/Dr. Seltzer   Shadowbox Theatre
Regional   Supporting   Justin Guidroz, Director
Flanagan`s Wake   Kathleen Mooney   Jefferson Performing Arts Society
Regional   Lead   A.J. Allegra, Director
Cherries in the Snow   Kaylene   6 X 6 Series, Southern Rep
Regional   Lead   Beau Bratcher, Director
Fiddler on the Roof   Shaindel (Motel`s Mother)   Jefferson Performing Arts Society
Regional     Kenneth Beck, Director
A-Musing   Muse 2/Delores   Grand Theater, Lewisville, TX
Regional   Supporting   John Grimsley, Director
13 Lessons   Sister (a Nun)   Xavier University
Regional   Supporting   John Grimsley, Director
A-Musing   Muse 2/Delores   The Louisiana American Association of Community Theatres Fes
Regional   Supporting   John Grimsley, Director
Amusing   Calliope/Bridget   Ashe` Cultural Arts Center
Regional   Supporting   Karen-Kaia Livers, Director
13 Lessons   Sister (a nun)   Ashe` Cultural Arts Center
Regional   Supporting   John Grimsley, Director
13 Lessons   Fang   Ashe` Cultural Arts Center
Regional   Supporting   Sh`riff Hasan, Director
New Orleans Playback Theatre (Improv Company)   Multiple   Multiple Venues
Regional   Lead   Anne-Liese Juge Fox, Director
Venus is from Mars   Madame Mahoosie Mahoosie   Contemporary Arts Center
Regional   Lead   Sarah James, Director
The Wizard of Oz   The Wicked Witch of the West/Almira Gulch   Jefferson Performing Arts Center
Regional   Lead   Chris Shaw, Director
Counselor Training   Sarah Acker   Loyola University, New Orleans
Regional   Lead   Justin Levitov, Director
The Myth of Persephone   Demeter, Goddess of the Earth   Grumbling Gryphons Traveling Children’s Theatre
Regional   Lead   Leslie Elias, Director
How We Met and Other Events   Runaway   Little Theatre
Let Me in/Let Me Out   Multiple Roles   Art Space
Regional   Lead   Will McAdams, Director
Yale University Multiple Productions 1997-1998   Nag the Cobra, Miss Trunchbull, Wolf, Cat, etc.   Yale University Children’s Theatre
Regional   Lead   Anjali Sachdeva, Director
Freedom River (based on Huck Finn)   The Widow Douglas   Art Space
Regional   Lead   Will McAdams, Director
Language of the Human Animal   Multiple Roles   ShoeBox Theatre, New Haven, CT
Regional   Lead   Melissa Lee Rowe, Director
Talking With   Dragons   ShoeBox Theatre, New Haven, CT
Regional     Melissa Lee Rowe, Director
Let`s Talk About You   Stage Directions   Playlab at Southern Rep
Regional   Supporting   Britain Valenti, Director
Arts and Crafts   Stage Directions reader   Southern Rep PlayLab Series
Regional   Supporting   Meghann McCracke, Director
Same Boy   Crazy Waitress   Contemporary Arts Center
Regional   Supporting   John Grimsley, Director
A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer   First Kiss/Ensemble   Ashe` Cultural Arts Center
Regional   Supporting   Asali DeVan-Ecclesiastes, Director

Auditioning for Film   Casey Groves   New Orleans
Scene Study   Roger Hendricks Simon   Simon Studio
Scene Study   Jeanne Kaplan   Herbert Berghof (HB) Studio
Vocal Techniques (private voice lessons)   Charles Ward (Original Ink Spot)   New York City
Acting Techniques   Joseph Walker (The River Niger)   Southern Connecticut State University
Special Skills

Athletics:   , Swimming, Yoga
Language(s):   English
Music:   Alto
Operate:   Automobile, Stick Shift
Rococo:   Improv