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The Atherton Group (TAG)
represents professional,
award-winning talent, as
well as the most impressive
rising stars in the business.

Founded in 1994, TAG Talent
(formally known as Ciao! in Texas)
has California, New Mexico,
Texas, and Louisiana divisions.

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  Andy Mack  
  Bill Russell  
  Buzz Adams  
  Fred Meseck  
  Jim Kipping  
  Paul Fraley  
  Scott Reyns  

  Christine Padovan  
  Claudia Valerio  
  Debbie Grattan  
  Jodi Adler  
  Kathy Mayes  
  Kimberly Wharton  
  Margo Zinberg  
  Marta Albarracin  
  Melissa Bagwell  
  Nicole Hicks  
  P.A. Sugano  
  Susan Bennett  
  Yesenia Garcia