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Founded in 1994, TAG Talent
(formally known as Ciao! in Texas)
has California, New Mexico,
Texas, and Louisiana divisions.
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Elizabeth Maxwell  
SAGe  In-house Studio
Ht: 5' 4"   Wt: 115   Hair: Red   Eyes: Brown

Hollow Scream   Lead   Joe Barajas, Director
Regardless Productions    
Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains   Lead   Paulo Biscaia Filho, Director
Focus Puller   Lead   Jonny Mars, Director
Dirt Floor Films    
A Perfect Getaway   Supporting   David Twohy, Director
Tip Your Waitress   Lead   Kelly Riot, Director
Electric Sneakers Productions    
Twisted   Lead   Samantha Schell, Director
Samantha Schell Productions    
The Eternal   Supporting   Dan Stuyck, Director
Revelator Productions    
Housekeeping   Lead   Catherine Licata, Director
University of Texas    
Into Memory   Supporting   Derek Franzese, Director
Reticent Pictures    
Megan & Dan   Supporting   Nathan Efstation, Director
University of Texas    
Building Birdhouses   Supporting   Dave Pantano, Director
Backfire Productions    
Wicked   Supporting   Greg Francis, Director
Lieberman Productions    
Barely Legal   Lead   Ryan Witherspoon, Director
Rubicon Productions    
Living Like Fire   Lead   Will Gordh, Director
Diagnosis Positive Films    
Fold   Supporting   Sean Barney, Director
Pocket Aces Pictures    
The Isolationist   Supporting   Scott G. Cunningham, Director
Ice Road Productions    
Fired   Supporting   Chris Weller, Director
Crazy Napkin    
Halloween House Party   Lead   Will Gordh, Director
Chan Add Films    
White on Rice   Supporting   Talun Hsu, Director
White on Rice, LLC    

El Rey: From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series   Co-Star  
Ep. 105    
Animal Planet: Lost Tapes   Recurring  
Q: The Serpent God, Strigoi, Zombie    
CBS: Criminal Minds   Guest Star  
ABC: What Would You Do?   Recurring  
#10.7, #11.7    
Spike TV: Surviving Disaster   Guest Star  
Towering Inferno    
Discovery Health: Your Kid Ate What?   Co-Star  
Rat Poison    
Discovery Health: I Didn`t Know I Was Pregnant   Co-Star  
Welcome Home Surprise    

Voice Over

Camp Camp   Nikki   Rooster Teeth
Anime   Principal  
Cannon Busters   Casey Turnbuckle   Make Stuff, LLC
Anime   Principal  
Shadow Warrior 2   Kamiko/Ameonna   Flying Wild Hog
Internet   Principal  
Lego Marvel`s Avengers   Jane Foster/Thor   Warner Bros.
Internet   Principal  
XCom 2   US Soldier   Firaxis Games
Internet   Featured  
Street Fighter V   Juli   Capcom
Internet   Featured  
RWBY   Winter Schnee   Rooster Teeth
Anime   Featured  
Skyforge   Ianna   Obsidian Entertainment
Internet   Principal  
Battleborn   Pheobe   Gearbox Software
Internet   Principal  
Orcs Must Die! Unchained   Zoey, the Chaotic Apprentice   Robot Entertainment
Internet   Principal  
Ghost in the Shell: Arise   Motoko Kusanagi   FUNimation
Anime   Principal  
Dragon Ball Xenoverse   Time Patroller   Bandai Namco Games
Internet   Featured  
Star Citizen   Anvil Aerospace A.I.   Cloud Imperium
Internet   Featured  
Attack on Titan   Ymir   FUNimation
Anime   Featured  
Nobunagun   Cyx   FUNimation
Anime   Principal  
Noragami   Bishamon   FUNimation
Anime   Principal  
Soul Eater Not!   Shaula Gorgon   FUNimation
Anime   Principal  
Strife   Tinder   S2 Games
Internet   Principal  
Fairy Tail   Jenny Realight   FUNimation
Anime   Featured  
One Piece   Shakuyaku   FUNimation
Anime   Featured  
Space Dandy   Poe   Adult Swim
TV   Featured  
Smite   Grim Weaver Arachne   Hi-Rez Studios
Internet   Featured  
Dead Star   Mags Mu`zeta   Armature Studios
Internet   Principal  
Mirage: Arcane Warfare   Azar Vypress/Azar Tinker   Torn Banner Studios
Internet   Principal  
Trillion: God of Destruction   Ashmedia   Idea Factory/Compile Heart
Internet   Featured  
Paladins   Demon Huntress Cassie   Hi-Rez Studios
Internet   Principal  
Hard Reset 3D   Control   Buk Films
Film   Featured  
Neverending Nightmares   Abby   Infinitap Games
Internet   Principal  
Wizard 101   Zaltanna the MirrorMask   KingsIsle Entertainment
Internet   Principal  
Pirate 101   Various   KingsIsle Entertainment
Internet   Featured  
Lennar Homes     Likely Story
Radio   Principal  
Whole Foods Market     Olson
Radio   Principal  
Massage Envy Spa     AdAbilities
Radio   Principal  
6 Bullets to Hell     Silver Sail Entertainment
Film   Featured  
Dental Program, On Hold Messages     Ace on Hold
Educational   Principal  

Living at Home   Mary Langtree   The Throwback Kid Productions
Regional   Supporting   Nina Corrado, Director
The Danger of Being Known   Kim   Theater 150 - Ojai, CA
Regional   Lead   Emily Weisberg, Director
Jumping the Median   Maxine   Push to Talk Theater Company
Regional   Supporting   Emily Weisberg/Steve Connell, Director
Robots vs Fake Robots   Shoe Horn   Push to Talk Theater Company
Regional   Supporting   Emily Weisberg, Director
The Robber Bridegroom   Salome   Chapman University
Regional   Lead   Michael Nehring, Director
The Skin of Our Teeth   Sabina   Chapman University
Regional   Lead   Barry Cavin, Director
Comedy of Errors   Dromio of Syracuse   Shakespeare in the Schools
Regional   Supporting   David Renzo, Director

Meisner and Scene Study   Laurel Smith Vouvray   In the Moment Acting Studio
Stunt Fighting & Firearms Training   Aaron Alexander   Faux Fighting
Film/TV Audition Technique   Toni Cobb Brock & Sally Allen   Brock/Allen Casting
Commercial Audition Technique   Donise Hardy   A Casting Place
Character Voice Over Technique   Lainie Frasier   VoiceWorks
Commercial Voice Over Technique   Lainie Frasier   VoiceWorks
Improv   Drew DiFonzo Marks   Upright Citizens Brigade, Los Angeles
BFA Theater   Various   Chapman University
Dance   Various   Northern California Ballet
Special Skills

Athletics:   Yoga
Dance:   Ballet, Jazz, Trained Dancer
Music:   Alto, Guitar Hero, Soprano
Operate:   Automobile, Bicycle
Rococo:   Gamer
Team Sports:   Cheerleading
Trained Stunts:   Fight Choreography